PoliCromix and Blockchain Tech

PoliCromix integration with blockchain tecnhology

Back in 2014~2015, we at LAVA SoftWorks were heavily dedicated to our cryptocurrency based services platform. We had PoliCromix hosted but inactive, and we activated it to allow card package purchases with all the coins supported by the platform, but it was just that, a payment gateway being implemented.

During a revisit in early 2019, we discussed with our partners and friends at Blockchain Financial about a respawn, and shot some ideas about something more than just allowing people to purchase PoliCromix items with cryptocurrencies.

Three main ideas were turned into feasible features in the short term.

Feature #1: allow purchases through blockchain financial.

Since Blockchain Financial provides cryptocurrency payment services, we plan (again) to allow purchases with all the coins supported by the platform, 15 at the moment:


Yes, this is a simple and straight idea, but we have to implement it because it is related with the next feature.

Feature #2: create free cards based on cryptocurrency wallet addresses.

Using crypto hashing functions, we can use any cryptocurrency wallet address as a source for free card generation in a straightforward way:

  1. You get into the PoliCromix CryptoCards generator.
  2. You open your desktop or mobile wallet software and generate a deposit address.
  3. You paste that address on the generator. Not private or public keys, just an address..
  4. The generator gives you a code that you need to encrypt on your wallet software using your private key. This step is necessary as proof of ownership.
  5. You paste the message signature into the generator.
  6. The generator validates the signature and, if it is valid, generates the card and sends it directly to your inventory.
As you might notice, no personal/identifiable information is provided to the cards generator. You just create a wallet address and prove that you own it, and that's all.

In order to validate the signatures, we will need to interface with a running coin wallet daemon, and that's when Blockchain Financial comes into play, because they already support several coins and we just interface with them to make the checks.

We already made a draft abstract of the card generating algorithm, and, as you might notice, it is coin agnostic: any cryptocurrency can be used to create free PoliCromix cards, no matter if the underlying technology is Bitcoin, CryptoNote, NXT, Ethereum, etc..

There's a variant of this algo that takes the balance of the provided wallet address into account when creating a card, and we're still evaluating if it is feasible to use it, considering that:

  • Users might be unable to resist moving a huge amount of coins to an address, then generate the card to get the bonuses. Then, generate a new address, move the coins again and get a new card, and so on.
  • Keeping track of balances to avoid that behavior would be too intensive.

Being that said, randomness plays a heavy role in the algo, so it would be impossible to know which card a user will get using this method.

Now, cards generated using this method will have the source wallet address tied in its metadata so the same address from the same coin cannot be used twice. But this metadata would be stored in the PoliCromix servers, and though we have data backup plans in mind, a catastrophic event might be unavoidable. There's where the third feature comes into play.

Feature #3: ownership registration in a blockchain.

In order to keep card ownership records in a the best possible way, the blockchain technology comes at hand. And here is where a Smart Contracts powered blockchain can help us go full round by:

  • Storing user inventories in smart contracts.
  • Giving access to PoliCromix users to those contracts.
  • Providing a contract-based marketplace so users can trade their cards for multiple cryptocurrencies.

This idea opens a massive amount of opportunities. When we spot one, a new one pops out. And we're writing them all.

A dedicated universe

Another starting point for the immersion of PoliCromix in the crypto ecosystem, and one that got hyped some of our coin-team friends was bringing an entire universe moving around cryptocurrencies, including:
  • Coin-based boards, with distinctive marks of the coin being featured.
  • Do you remember the Crypto Currency Girls? Well, we though on a similar thing: full set of coin based mascots, possibly in "chibi" style, wearing outfits based on the features of the coin logo.
  • Weapons, add-ons and skills depicting the topics surrounding the ecosystem (like "hodling", pumping and dumping, etc.) in both generic and focused coins (E.G. Dogecoin has its lore, and it can't be used on other coins).
That's just scratching the surface. We still have a lot to do on this idea.

A final note

This document exposes our plans as short as possible. We're still working on them, and it will take us time to bring them to a point where development can be started.

Please be patient. When we're ready for it, we'll make a big announcement.

If you want to contact us, please do so through any of the next methods:

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