Game Suggestions Rules (Requests and suggestions for add-ons)

by Cerberuss @, Monday, August 29, 2011, 19:10 (4008 days ago)

Welcome to the Game Suggestions Rules thread of the Policromix forum.

If you have any kind of suggestions, ideas or tips about the game, you can post them here.

We will discuss and consider your suggestions and decide if it would be beneficial to add to the Policromix. Some ideas may be too hard to implement in the game, so be patient.

Many of the ideas may be unrealistic and will be rejected, so before you post something, please check out the Already Suggested/Implemented topic. Any post containing something that's already been rejected will be deleted or locked.

Keep in mind, this board is only for suggestions.
If you have questions, direct them to the Policromix Help or FAQ threads.

Thank you.

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