What is PoliCromix?
PoliCromix is a Role Playing Game based on Trading Cards, in which you play against other online users over virtual boards. Your cards acquire experience and gaining levels as you use them, giving you experiencie as player and credits you can use to acquire more card packages and power-ups in our store.

Dimensions and Realms

The engine can be ported to any website that wants it. We call "Realm" to every host website. Even our website hosts a realm with its own name, but the PoliCromix Realm is independent to its relatives.

Universe selector for PoliCromix Realm
Universe selector for WhitePuma's Realm

Every realm has one "Universe" at least. Universes are thematic containers for boards and cards. They may be shared among Realms, but some may have certain exclusivity, which goes from preventing other Realms to access certain boards from other Realms to even completely preventing a user from one Realm to have cards from another Realm's universe within his inventory.

There are Universes, like "X", that have a bit of everything. There are others, like "Yggdrasil", that have boards and cards based on creatures from certain cultures and nothing else. For instance:

Some cards from X Universe:
Magical Cariñopato of the Earth

Evil Ethereal Soap
Mesangaz La Galleta

Some cards from Yggdrasil:
Dwarvmen Axman
Elven Bowgirl

Viking Spearman

Viking Axman

Depending on the Realm in which you enter, you may enjoy and interact in selected PoliCromix's Universes.

About the cards

As you may have noticed, cards have different colors/background textures, borders and arrows.
  • The outer body color tells the card's nature and it can be physical (gray), magical (blue), psionic (purple) among many other.
  • The the inner body color tells the base element of the non-physical cards, I.E. magic/ground (Magical Cariñopato of the Earth): blue outside/light brown inside, magic/fire (Ember): blue outside/fire texture inside.
  • The border color tells if a card is normal, rare, unique or part of a set.
  • The arrow color tells if the card is a minion (black), boss (orange), king, avatar or god.

Every character in a card has certain attributes, I.E.:

  • Life, magic and energy factors
  • Attack and support skills
  • Fighting level and experience points

All the combinations by the previous list of elements make very hard for two cards to be identical, even if they look similar and belong to the same class, race or hierarchical level.

About the arrows

The card arrows represent its attack directions. To where the arrow points is where the card attack and defend from attacks. The borders without arrows are vulnerable points that someone else can use in a match to automatically "flip" and capture a card automatically. Check the next slides:

Level matters!

In a combat round, the attacker strikes first. After finishing the attack roll, the attacked card has the chance to counter-attack. There's an internal attribute calculation, and the card who receives more damage will loose the round and will be flipped by the other. During the calculation, the card with higher level (the one with more experience in battle) has more chance to win and capture the other card. But note that even when this is a basic rule, exceptions may apply to rare cards, bosses, kings or others that may be lower in level but with improved skills, and that may overwhelm the most experienced cards.

Take this advice: Be prepared to win, but expect unpleasant surprises!

The boards

As previously said, the boards are the game arenas. Depending on the Universe in which you start a match, you may see a handful of boards designed to play.

To start a match, you will need to login and access the playing area of a Universe. Once inside, you will need to pick the board in which you want to play and the cards you think will make you win or survive an opponent.

The amount of players for a match may vary by board. Even tho most of the boards are designed for 1 vs 1 matches, there may be boards designed for melee matches for more than three players.

Your inventory and the store

There's an area where you can see you card inventory and their details. You'll find here some statistic data and the usage log, which is updated on every move.

When you create your account or do a login using a social network for the first time, or if you login from some linked Realm with an independent registry system, our engine will give you some credits and card packages as a compliment gift.

The cards can be used immediately in a match, and the credits can be spent on our store by purchasing additional card packages.

PoliCromix has two currencies. The most common of them is the Silver Piece (SP). These can be obtained by playing agains other users. The more you play, more SPs will your cards make you win, for their battle level is the basis for an algorithm that increases the SP gaining rate for flipping an enemy card. In the same way, the higher your player level, the more SPs you'll get by winning matches.

In the store you'll find a lot of card packages organized by categories. Every category has a gem, and depending on the type of the gem is the pricing range of the packages.

Prices are calculated on the kind of cards included within. For instance: a magical card cannot be cheaper than a physical card (given its attack qualities and elemental resistances) and a psionic card can't be cheaper than a magical one.

Generally, cards included in the packages are randomly picked from the bestiary of all the universe. But there may be cases in which the packages are specifically made for a single universe, or some with a probability factor for including a card with bonuses, a boss, a rare or set card among others.

We urge you to check the catalog fully for your purchase to fill your needs, because SPs are for PoliCromix what real currency is for the real world: you have to work hard to get them, despite they're a hundred percent free.

You may find packages that can only be acquired with GPs. Just in case you have GPs in your account you'll be able to purchase them. If not, you wont have to worry too much, because you can get a lot of other stuff with only SPs.

How to play

First things first: Register your account!

You don't have to pay anything in order to get your account in PoliCromix. You can create an account by specifying a username and a password, but if you already have an account in any supported social network, you may prefer to open your session using it directly. In any way, in your first login, our engine will give you a card package and some SPs for free.

Check your inventory and buy more cards if you like

For most of the boards, you will need at least 6 cards to create o join a match. It is always good to have some extra cards because you extend your chances by having more attack directions. The more arrows in your hand cards, the bigger probability to win a match.

Create a match or join a created one

Once you login, pick a Universe to join the playing area. Then:

In the playing area, there's a button that allows you to create a match.
When you click on "Create match" or "Join match", a dialog appears. Here you have to select the board and the cards you'll use to play. If you're the creator of the match, you'll be able to specify the minimums/maximums of your opponents' card levels.
If you've created a match, it will appear in the list as you can notice. By clicking on it you'll be able to open the board window or abort it if you no longer want it.

When you've created or joined a match, you'll be able to open the board by clicking on the "Open match" button. A pop-up window will appear and show you some tips while you wait for someone to join or the match making bot ends filling the match data.

Check the tips!!! they will help you a lot!!!

Once all oponents have joined the match, the same window will reload and show the board with all its elements. There's when the attack rounds start.

Inside the match...

The flow starts with the creator of the match. By placing a card on the board, the next player places its card and attacks the other, or even placing it away and starting a trap for an ambush. Every player has around 45 seconds to pick a card and place it, or even quitting the turn and pass it to the next if needed.

1. The blue player starts, the red player waits.

2. The blue player picks a card...

3. ...drags it over the board...

4. ...and drops it on an empty cell.

5. It's the red player's turn, so blue player waits...

6. Red player picks a card...

7. ...drags it to the cell below blue's card...

8. ...and when drops it, automatically flips blue's card.

9. Now blue selects...

10. ...drags...

11. ...drops and recovers the card.

12. Now red selects...

13. ...drags...

14. ...drops and flips the new card.

For every flipped card, the capturing card gains certain experience points, being able to immediately gain a level, and credits the owner certain amount of SPs. When all cards have been placed, the player with more cards of its color wins the match. With victory, also come:
  • Experience points as player, which may increase its level for getting more SPs by winning later matches.
  • Some SPs by winning, tying or even losing the match.
  • One or more of the loosers' cards! the winner always take, at leas, one card from each opponent!
  • In case of a tie, boths get experience points but none get SPs.

At the end of this example match, blue player wins...

...picks a random card from the red player...

and takes it permanently!

The red player has nothing else to do but resign...

...wait for the blue player to choose...

...and see how he looses a card.

And if everything goes wrong...

Don't worry. If you spend all your SPs and in the end you have less than 6 cards, the engine will give you a complimentary card package so you have a chance to recover from the catastrophe.

Practice is all about!

As in every strategy game, the more you tune your combat techniques, the better your matches will end for you. Try to have your inventory full of choices for assembling fine-tuned hands, and try to always have cards of different levels so you can fight players with your same level, some novices, or even a master.

Tips, documents and other sources of information

We try to cover every aspect of our engine. If you have any doubt, you want more specific tips or you want to get deeper information, please take a look over the next links:

Our forum, where you will find posts between other users and our staff
The user guides we publish as needed
The Frequently Asked Questions
The news on our home page
Our Facebook page
...And if everything fails, our contact form.
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